A Legacy

Thank The Haunted Wordsmith for this delightful story!

The Haunted Wordsmith

“Tell me again which one it is?” Zenon asked her grandfather.

She followed his pointed finger to the tiny red dot in the night sky. “That one,” he whispered.

“We came from there?”

He laughed. “No, sweetie. That star devoured our planet our we left. Well, there wasn’t much left on it after the 21st century, but it was still home.”

Zenon stared at him, then took a deep breath. “My teacher said that is a myth.” She looked at the ground not wanting to see his face.

He chuckled. “Which part? We came from there or there was nothing left?”

“Mr. Trump said that his ancestor united the world after being elected Earth’s president, and used science to repopulate the Earth’s wildlife that was destroyed by Obama’s policies. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.”

He fell to the ground laughing.

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