Song Lyric Sunday — River/Stream/Creek/Brook (water songs)

Ah, Song Lyric Sunday, it's been a while, but I couldn't let this prompt from Jim Adams pass me by. First thing to tell you: I'm not from Boston. Love the city, but never lived there. Driving in Boston once or twice cemented my firm belief that Boston drivers are either the worst in the … Continue reading Song Lyric Sunday — River/Stream/Creek/Brook (water songs)

Song Lyric Sunday — doctor/health/medicine

With Helen Vahdati taking a break from blogging, Jim Adams of A Unique Title for Me stepped in and chose this week's Song Lyric Sunday theme: doctor/health/medicine. My first thought was Dr. Hook. I wanted to choose a song featuring co-founder Ray Sawyer, who passed away on December 31. Although Ray was always front and center, … Continue reading Song Lyric Sunday — doctor/health/medicine

Song Lyric Sunday — Girls

It's Song Lyric Sunday! Helen Vahdati decided to flip last week's "boys" theme and chose  "girls" this week. So many songs to pick from, all great. I've decided to feature another singer-songwriter, Sawyer Fredericks, winner of The Voice Season 8 (2015) when he was 16. Throughout that season, his weekly performance landed in iTune's Top … Continue reading Song Lyric Sunday — Girls