Song Lyric Sunday — take/taking

Can you believe it? I almost forgot it's Song Lyric Sunday! This week's theme is the flip side of last weeks's give/giving theme: take/taking.  I've got a perfect song for it, too.  The Cars' "Take What You Want" video from their 1979 Musikladen performance has my favorite rock 'n' roll visual: Benjamin Orr's "rock god" … Continue reading Song Lyric Sunday — take/taking

Song Lyric Sunday — Give/Giving

Song Lyric Sunday is here again, and Helen Vahdati's chosen theme is "give/giving."  My chosen genre is hard rock with Led Zeppelin's 1969 song, "Whole Lotta Love." Looking for the lyrics, I realized that lyrics sites show differing songwriting credits. One site apparently relied on an incorrect ASCAP listing that showed "Sharon" Plant instead of … Continue reading Song Lyric Sunday — Give/Giving

Song Lyric Sunday — Lost in Loveland

  Helen's Song Lyric Sunday theme this week -- lost-- gives me the opportunity to introduce you to one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Charlie Farren. Counting bands such as Aerosmith and Boston among his contemporaries, Charlie is one of the talented musicians whose skills matured in the incubator of Boston's fabled 70s music scene. He's … Continue reading Song Lyric Sunday — Lost in Loveland

Song Lyric Sunday — hide/hiding/hidden

Last week I actually guessed the theme for today's Song Lyric Sunday would be "hidden." I never saw Helen Vahdati's confirmation of my guess, so I was as surprised as anyone else that the theme is hide/hiding/hidden. Had I known that a week ago, I probably would have chosen quickly, written, and scheduled to publish … Continue reading Song Lyric Sunday — hide/hiding/hidden